Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I asked Rowe about the blog the other day and her reply was "i'm done."  It appears that the pressure to churn out cute and entertainingly informative posts on a consistent basis and yet recieve "no comments" was a burden that she could no longer bear.  So, it looks like its my ship to steer now.  That's bad news for those of you expecting regular posts.  I'm as bad as they come.  Be prepared for detailed reviews of bikes, race reports and in vitro muscle modeling.......oh yeah and an occasional picture of Sid (I can't guarantee it'll be cute though).  Speaking of which...here's one just to keep you coming back.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008

birthday suit

birthday vid

we forgot to press record when sid blew out his candle.. but we sang again for the video... then Sid got to hang out in his birthday suit and blow his bike horn that we got him.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

party pics


we love our little munchkin man. this has been the best year of our lives. Consuming...and so full of love. Our Sid now one year and turning from a babe to a toddler. He is very possessive of mummy and gets jealous when anyone else hugs her. He loves to be outside more than anything else. Loves all animals but especially dogs. He is gentle and serious and cuddly. He is the happiest when it is just mum, dad and Sid. He get's this little giggle when i say "where's daddy". He loves to clap, play paddy cake, high five, dance,play crawl races.....he loves to climb up an down the stairs ( scary) he is pretty tentative though and careful going backwards.. you just have to be careful when he gets tired, because then he starts loosing his judgment. we were just up in the bedroom playing on the bed, he loves to face plant on the softness.. but he went a little crazy and head butted the wall.

sid wore a tux to entertain all his guests.

This was at the end of the party. sid looks like he has been on a bender

Admiring sweet jane, sid's girlfriend. 7 weeks younger.

jane's twin sister's Merryn and Eliza playing with Sid's electric guitar.

and little sid loves dogs

so Rowe made Sid a healthy (made from coconut flour, carrots, apples, raisins, cinamon and other assorted dried fruits) puppy dog cake. Can you see it?

Sid mostly played with the cake. like he doe every other food or Too healthy I guess

Sid got spoilt with great presents and had a blast opening them. Thanks everyone. wow.

When all was said and done, we had a dance party in the nuddy

Sunday, November 9, 2008

We are bad parents and didn't take any photos of Sid's halloween costume on halloween night......or the night after when we went to the ward halloween party. Woops. Never fear though, Sid donned his tiger outfit tonight and I managed to capture a few classic tiger poses. In fact, because the tiger outfit is so warm and fleecy, it has become Sid's permanent "outside attire." On a side note, Rowe, Sid and I won the "best family costume" award at the ward halloween party. We don't have any photos, but I think that it's for the best (I dressed in Rowe's olympic ski speed suit and it was, shall we say, very tight).


Friday, October 31, 2008

Some have wondered what happened to us.  Nothing really......just too busy associating with celebrities.

Here is Sid with Nastia Lieuken. He definitely has more celebrity experience in his short life than I have ever had.

This is how Sid and I get around these days.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Surf Trip

Found out lab meeting was canceled last Tuesday night....."hmmm, my morning just freed up."
Checked the surf report.......looks good!
Piled the family in the car at 4:00AM
Arrive at Point Judith at 6:00AM
Surf for an hour....watch Sid while Rowe surfs for a couple of hours
Pack the car at 9:00AM
Drive home and pick up where I left off at work - 11:30AM
It's good to live close to the ocean....well kind of close.

Rowe is one of those folks out there

Beautiful morning

Sid is happy to have been dragged out of bed at 4:00 AM

Sunday, September 7, 2008


We forgot our camera, but Katie took some killer pictures. Maine with the LaRiviere's was once again great. nice lobster, tennis,paddle ball,trying to scull, no waves to surf on. perfect weather. lots of cute sandy kids. Sid and Fred got mistaken for twins all the time.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


oh i am a lucky girl.look at him go. Rob is 31 today.. well now it is yesterday, we had too much fun today to post. I think it has been a good year for him,apart from winning the mt bike national champs, his son was born!!! pretty big year. I would have to say his finest moment this year was helping me through the 18 hours of labor.(I need to write that story before i forget-it is very vivid still) There is NO WAY I could have brought Sid into the world with out drugs if it were not for Rob. He really was a star. He never chickened out on me and kept me focused even when i was involuntarily biting his nipples, screaming as if being tortured, shaking violently asking for a c-section and vomitting all over him. ( i think it was over him) I have never felt so much love and gratitude for him.I really did not know he would be that good. Since Sid's birth I have realized just how special birthday's are - what an amazing day they are in the history of our little world, but it also made me realize, mother's should really be made a fuss over on each of their child's birthday's. They did all the hard work.

My favorite story about Rob is when he got into the one and only fist fight he has ever been in. He was 8 years old and he fought to defend the honor of a girl. Matilda** was a bigger girl who had suffered much already in her young life, some of the fruits of her suffering were found in the from of a bad scar caused by a burn on a very visible part of her neck. Jimmy** was a ruffian and as usual was having a good old time at her expense. Rob told him he should not be doing that and when jimmy decided not to listen to him, rob decided it was time to sock him one... and fists flew as they rolled and wrestled around in the dirt. The fight ended in the principles office, a call to Marsha and rob being taken home for the day. The END(**names have been changed to protect the individuals involved)

He is still a kind, meek and gentle guy who is not afraid to step up when things really matter, who honors women and likes to ride bikes.
have a great year Robbie. We love you
XXXXXooooxxxooOOxxxxOOxxxx XXXX Rowe and Sid

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Jack came out to visit Sid this week! Sid was very happy. This is what they did:

They went to the beach

They took baths

They visited the farm where Mommy buys milk and ice cream

And they went shopping for matching sailor outfits

They had a great time, although I hope Jack's finger recovers. He seemed to get a kick out of inserting it into Sid's mouth. This usually resulted in a swift chomping down (Sid has massive teeth if you can't tell by the photos), subsequent scream, consolation then repeat. It was good fun. Thank you Andy for enduring the long and restless flight out for the weekend. We all had a great time. Hope to do it again soon.....this time we'll come to you. Cheers

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rowe, Sid and I made a trip down to Long Island this past weekend to visit one of Rowe's old ski racing friends (Chemmy).  Her brother had rented a house in "The Hamptons" for the month.  So we got to hob knob it with the rich and famous.....mostly just rich......very rich.......for the weekend.  It was wicked fun.  We got some good beach time in. The water was surprisingly warm for the Northeast. Even the waves cooperated and we were both able to catch a few waves sans wetsuit.

As you can see, Sid has a better tan than I do.

Isn't Rowe looking good these days?

Long Island birds are friendly

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Down by the river

Ok, i am on a blogging mission tonight, found some adorable photos.Oh I forgot to say that SId has become quite serious these past few weeks. Must have alot on his mind with all the new things he can get to now he can crawl. Though he still just likes to hang around me, he sticks by me and follows me around where ever i go. my little mate.

our family

We had a visit from the Hyldahl's and Tarr's this past week which involved lots of rain, good food, trains, stories about semi trailers, looking at the cute babies, new clothes for Sid, matching life is good t-shirts, lots of love and a fun road trip to the white mountains. THANK YOU for coming.. we only took two photo's though.we need to get together again with our matching t-shirts please!!