Friday, May 30, 2008

some classics

Sid missed his dad, but loved talking on the phone to him. no joke, loved it.

First day in the homeland.. SId was SOOooooooooo happy,me too.

Sid is quite big isn't he. - Bella is 3.

hugh has great hair.had to put this one in.

the girls.

gosh i miss these girls. we were all so tired in this one, i think we had been up for many hours catching upbut it is the only one i could find of us all together

ferry ride with grandpa

how we love the ferry!!!!

the brights meet Sid

this is who we surprised.thanks aunty torah.

Rob could not come with us so Sid had to be the man of the house, he was ready to bounce anyone who got in our way

an excellent video to come.

Sid was amazing on the flight, thankfully torah flew with me, we met in LA, it was a joyful reunion with so much anticipation - we just wanted to get there and surprise mum. The trip was planned so quickly. I almost did not have time to get Sid a passport. Thanks Fridge for helping me do that!

We saw many sunrises on the beach due to Sid's 4am wakings - it was nice though.

favorite aunti abi

Sid's trip to australia. day one - manly

i have so many pics, and I have been such a blog slacker, this is going to take me for ever to document our trip. IT WAS Amazing. no dad though. Sid was stoked to see him when we got home.

Monday, May 5, 2008

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