Friday, November 19, 2010

double trouble

this is the double stroller i think i need.. does anyone have any other suggestions. it is expensive, but i feel like over the years with more kids it will be worth it.

with travel system & doubles kit


we just took a train ride to NYC to visit torah while she had some work to do. I told Syd I would take him on train ride for his birthday because he loves Trains so much... and he loved it. 4.5 hrs of little Syd goodness. I love him so much. I can't believe what a good kid he is sometimes.
the first night we walked out of our hotel and Syd says "WOW.... they put lights up on the trees for my birthday..... but why didn't they decorate them?" baaaaahahahhaha. so sweet.
he loved riding in the taxis and spending hours at toys are us and dancing in the quiksilver store while we went shopping for him.
Lyon loved being in the city too. loved it so much he would barely sleep. too much going on. we all slept in torah's hotel room. 4 in the bed and the little one said...... we slept sideways so we could fit.. because the bed was smaller than a queen. hahhha. I loved being with torah, talking all night.
syd did not want to leave her and would repeat over and over again that he really loved torah so much and was really going to miss her so much. i don't have any pics because i had to pack light so I could carry everything and the baby... decided I really need a double stroller. I like phil and ted's doubles with the attachment on the bottom to make it a double.. anyone have any other suggestions?

Monday, November 15, 2010