Sunday, April 12, 2009

the month

Sid took this picture of Rob and I. pretty good huh.

It has been way too long. Sid is neary 17 months. here is a show and tell of some of the things we have been up to. We went to stay with uncle benny, aunty torah, jake, scotty and ceila for the US open. Torah won again.

This is what happens when you leave Sid with 3 snowboard pros....torah, jake and scotty... they used sid's toothpaste for the do. we like it....

A night out with torah and jake

Sid LOVES to go to tumble and play at the ymca... We swim there too. at home he gets my swimmers and his swimmers and begs to go swimming. he is getting cheeky.. going after bigger kids balls at tumble and play and getting them.

Rob went to moab while we were at the us open.. sid missed him like crazy. I told him that daddy went on an airplane. now he does an airplane noise and flys around his arm and hands and says dada... it is so cute. now he wakes up in the morning (dad has already gone to work) and says DADA.. and does the aeroplane action.

we went to see dad at poster day