Wednesday, July 15, 2009

happy birthday show for uncle rob

robin....happy birthday uncle and brother.we are so glad you were born, we miss you.we are proud of you.and we hope to see you soon. all our love we send to you. sid has a message for you at the end of the video. i told him we were going to give you a birthday show.

Friday, July 10, 2009

because we think it is funny... we are recording updates on sid's potty training. he only pees outside now. in this one special spot in the garden ( he is showing us the spot in these pictures.) Though tonight rob and I were not paying attention to him and he got my cereal bowl, tipped out the remainders and proceeded to pee in it. very smart. last month we did get him to pose on the toilet reading dad's bike magazines.

we are getting pumped for our surf trip. Sid is too. he is turning into such a fun little boy. not so serious as usual. today he dunked his head in the water on his own accord and blew bubbles. He Loved 4th of july fireworks and won't stop talking about them ( hand in the sky and GBMOOOMMMM) he is loving the tour de france too ( along with rob.)
thanks for sending the boards Julie, Sid is having a good time practicing.... the chest works well too.

sid loves puddles.. loves them.. especially loves to go outside and get rained on.

I am going to miss this toddler when he grows up. we are having the best time of our lives.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


these are just the baby frogs.

we have been catching lots of frogs and turtles. SId is obsessed.. he goes to sleep at night talking ( well signing) about catching them and wakes up in the morning talking about them. I love it. he is so adorable. arhhhhhh i am dying. He has also learnt to jump on our backs and say GO... and we have to give him horsey rides and dump him on the bed or the couch. how can you deny him? we are so in love. the three of us. It is our 6th anniversary today.