Tuesday, October 27, 2009

sid's special day

we are so behind on documenting our summer and the things of Sid...... IT WILL Come. but first we need to write so we will remember Sid's special day. He began pooping in a potty at about 4 months because I did elimination communication with him
. He is a champ peeing, but the other end has been been back and forth... till he got to a stage where he HATED to poop. I thought I traumatized him trying to potty train him too early. Anyway, for about a month now we have been telling him that if he poops on the toilet we will buy him a train ( that is what he was into) SO he has been trying consistently about 10 times a day.. with no success -poor little bugger. until two days ago ( and ever since) he DID IT. we packed up and went right to the store to go get his train. we picked up daddy so he could celebrate with us and sid went shopping. we told him if he did not want a train he could get any toy in the store. After about an hour and a half of testing and deliberation he came away with this

we were so happy and proud of him.. and happy for us he did not pick a beeping flashing thing.
then we told him he could pick any treat he wanted -and this is what he brought us

I have always said he was refined.