Sunday, October 10, 2010

Three years of Syd.

A birthday Toast with Syd's favorite little friend Jane.
Our Syd is Three. at 7:17am today he turned three. I love to remember this day and the awe that surrounded his birth. I still remember the heavenly feeling in the room during labor and after he was born. Oh how we love love love him. He is a wonderful loving boy. He is so gentle and caring of Lyon " HIS BABY". He seems to mostly put the baby before his needs which shocked me. If I am in the middle of playing with Syd he will yell " HURRY mum... go feed the baby." Since Lyon came he has really turned into a big boy. He is a little bit rougher and tougher but still not too tough. He calls elephants "robots" and he is
traumatized for weeks after he loses a toy, constantly saying he really misses it.
I wish I was better at writing down the funny things he says and does - he is full of them. Here are some things to remember from this age. oh and if anyone is wondering. We have changed the Spelling of his name. from i to Y.... among other reasons, it looks better with Hyldahl.You still rule our world Syd.

color: pink
toys: bike, tool set, itouch, wooden blocks, mini remote helicopter, fire engine, rescue trains
food: ice cream, cheese cake
People other than family: Jane, Meren and Eliza Sorber. Chloe, Stella, and Fred La Riviere
movies:callou, surfs up, charlie and the chocolate facotry, cars, ponyo

360's off the couch.
ride a bike with out training wheels
put his baby brother to sleep by bouncing him in the hammock.
rock climb
hold his pee for many many hours

can't count too well
we will try skiing agian and skating this winter

BEST Syd Qoutes:
"you the best little mummy:
"i love you so much. i hope nothing ever happens to you"
while I'm feeding the baby he runs out of the room yelling behind him. "save some milkies for me mum!!"
"i need some quiet"
"I really missed my little brother when he was in your tummy"
" look mum, an abstract train" it really was an abstract train he built with lego trains

"Syd, did you push any kids in nursery today?"
"who did you push?"
"like, all of them"
When I sing "mom, you're kind of freaking me

THINGS we hope he will grow out of one day!!:
He yells STOP to people passing by in the street.
if strangers to to him he makes a brushing movement on his face with his hands " brushing there words off". He is not very social unless you are in his house.
if someone comments on the baby and how cute the baby is.. he yells " NO.. MY BABY"
If he gets in big crowds of kids... like at music concerts he bounces around like a maniac like he is in a mosh pit or something and pushes kids around like crazy.

traumatic things:
he knocked his front teeth pretty badly

countries he has visited:

costa rica

hear story's from our childhood
jump off the couch yelling "infinity and beyond"
go to target walmart and the mall. basically any shop
make his brother smile
hug his brother.
log a lot of park time
go to gymnastics class
go to the YMCA
go to nursury
play rescue games
play chasies
sing bingo
pretend he is a kangaroo named ponyo
take long baths
fix things with his tools
give family hugs
eat a cliff bar before going to bed
talk to his fish named ponyo

A hug from a few days ago. He always asks if he can hug his brother. Syd makes Lyon so happy too. I will have to try and get some video of them without Lyon getting so distracted from the camera

abi gave him a mullet

first time holding his brother
hot summer day

This picture is from when he knocked his teeth badly from a bike crash. his two front teeth are loose still. one VERY loose. this was very traumatic for he and I between visits to the dentist and Oral Surgeon. He was scheduled to have them pulled but i felt bad about it and cancelled. the next day I had the baby, and we have kept them in since. H
lining up for the race
sweet janefirst bike race, was ticked he did not get a medal
swimming in the river
cruising at 2.5 years
loves this train
cape cod
darren's motorbike
4 wheeling trip

tool kit

first weeks with Lyon
href="">gymnastics Class
first climbing trip
i found him asleep on the floor one day after i put a wash on upstairs

Ponyo the kangaroohref="">