Sunday, November 15, 2009

2 years old

Today is Sid's birthday. He's turning 2 today. If you ask him, however, he insists that he's turning"five." We tell him not to rush things and to hold on to childhood as long as possible. I vaguely remember adults telling me this very thing when I was a kid. Of course, I didn't understand what they meant - until now. I'm digressing.

So, being the diligent, 21st century parents that we are, we decided
that Sid deserved nothing less than a "theme party." This was our first attempt at organizing such an extravaganza - actually I take that back.....we made a feeble attempt last year that ultimately resulted in a bizzare healthy cake that no one really liked, a weird mix of snacks that you don't usually see at a party that were on sale and maybe out date and the mysterious disappearance of our coconut flour which we found a year later. I think that we (I use the term "we" very loosely - what I really
mean is Rowe) pulled off a doozy this year. I present the evidence below.

The Decorations:

The Cake: If you haven't figured it out already, the theme was Sid's favorite book "the hungry caterpillar"

The Games: pin the feet on the caterpillar and a pinata that was supposed to look like a cacoon but more resembled a large orange egg (it broke just about as easy as an egg too- much to the pleasure of the children). The only problem was that when it broke, the candy didn't come spilling out. Rowe had to stand on the chair and dump it out. I guess we need to work on our pinata building skills.

The presents: Sid got a piggy bank. We have gotten tired of fishing coins out of the CD/DVD slot on our computer and in our car. In fact, I think there is still a quarter in the slot of our car stereo, but amazingly it seems to still work fine. We're hoping that the piggy bank will serve to satisfy his strange fetish of wanting to put skinny items in small slots.

All up, I think we actually pulled off a pretty good party. At the very least, Sid was pretty happy. Or maybe he's just smiling because he's the only kid at the party whose parents would allow such a highly curated mullet

Sunday, November 1, 2009

sid's epic life

our little sunbeam

flying sid

great pic from cape cod... taken when the hyldahl's came to visit. we had the best time and have more to add.