Monday, March 31, 2008

video tipS

anyone know how to get video on here.. my file is compressed to about 1.4MB but it takes forever to load -or will not load...i really want to put it on.. heaps of Sid's joy!

Sid - 4 and 1/2 months

This is how big he is - over 20lbs now -
He was sitting up holding onto his mobile but he fell just as I took the picture - i think the flash shocked him.

Sid sitting in his bumbee ( THANKS DAN AND KATIE) looking up at the kitchen pendant
Sorry Sid fans - It has been a while - we have been trying to get on top of things after all our recent trips. In the last 4 months since sid's birth we have been to colorado, utah and vermont.
Sid rolled over today from BACK to front. he has never done that before. He is adorable as ever and has alot of fans on the pro snowboard circuit.
Sid laughs like crazy when we pretend to sneeze, say peekaboo, mummy loves you and teekeetee. it is amazing to watch him change - he has started to use his hands alot, touching our faces and anything he can get his hands on. He is so interested in everything. He loves to be read to and he loves all the toys that I thought were so ugly! He still hates the car unless someone is sitting next to him which makes it hard when we are out and about without dad. He still loves his hammock and I don't know what we would do without that - it is nice that we can just bounce him to sleep and he never has to cry.
I am still quite fat but with a bit nicer weather have been able to get out and about with Sid in the jogging stroller, rollerblading and running. It has taken this long for me to be able to run without too much pain since the birth.still not normal - but better. It is snowing again today though - bugger that.
Rob has been riding his bike alot - even in the snow - he likes to leave me with the car as much as he can.yeah dad, taking one for the team.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Utah Trip - Part 1

Rowe and I are right in the middle of our whirlwind trip to Utah. To give you an idea, we flew in last Wednesday night, slept at Torah’s, drove down to St. George on Thursday, climbed and played in St. George on Friday, raced my bike Saturday morning, then drove to Logan in a raging blizzard on Saturday night. Sid has done incredibly well! He slept almost the entire flight out here and even managed to sleep a little bit on the long car rides to St. George. Speaking of St. was wonderful! 70 degrees and sunny all weekend. And the mountain bike course was superb! Lots of fast sweeping single track and a good amount of hot sweaty climbing....a far cry from the riding that i’ve been doing in New England lately. I miss having a place to escape to during the cold dark months of winter. As you can see from the photo, I managed to chase my way to 3rd place in my first expert race. You may also notice that the one of the men who beat me has gray hair. Yes, I lost a few minutes to a man with severely gray hair. For the majority of the race I was in 4th place trying to catch 2 guys who I managed to keep in sight for the entire 3 laps. I caught one of them on the last downhill and out sprinted him to the line. Nothing like a little elbow bumping at the line to finish off a great race!

So now we are back in cold Logan for a few days. I managed to get an hour an a half on my Dad’s road bike this afternoon. I kind of miss the flat, exposed, traffic free farm roads of Cache Valley. Next up this weekend....Moab.