Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Snoozing on the love seat. Logan- our 9 year anni. Back at the place we were married. My parents are here. Dad took the pic

Rob did a bike race (2nd) and then got sick like he does sometimes .we had plans for a nice anniversary date but he was curled up in the bathroom floor puking. Not the first time a bike race has ruined our anniversary date. On a good note, for the last 3 syd has spent very second with the earphones rob won. He even sleeps with them.


Syd and I are best buds. At least ten times a day he tells me " you the best mum"

Syd is such a sweet, expressive, loving little guy

He loves to take pictures and is pretty good at it.

Loves archery

Lyon has to do everything syd does... And have. Very trying at times

So unbelievably cute though

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Julie Barnes said...

Happy Anniversary!! Hope you are enjoying Utah!!

T Sorber said...

i miss you guys, you all look great. in laws told me about meeting you in slc. so jealous they saw you. glad the bike racing is back, rob is so awesome. sorry you got the pukes, its the price we pay for victory. boys are darling. xoxo