Sunday, August 24, 2008


Jack came out to visit Sid this week! Sid was very happy. This is what they did:

They went to the beach

They took baths

They visited the farm where Mommy buys milk and ice cream

And they went shopping for matching sailor outfits

They had a great time, although I hope Jack's finger recovers. He seemed to get a kick out of inserting it into Sid's mouth. This usually resulted in a swift chomping down (Sid has massive teeth if you can't tell by the photos), subsequent scream, consolation then repeat. It was good fun. Thank you Andy for enduring the long and restless flight out for the weekend. We all had a great time. Hope to do it again soon.....this time we'll come to you. Cheers

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rowe, Sid and I made a trip down to Long Island this past weekend to visit one of Rowe's old ski racing friends (Chemmy).  Her brother had rented a house in "The Hamptons" for the month.  So we got to hob knob it with the rich and famous.....mostly just rich......very rich.......for the weekend.  It was wicked fun.  We got some good beach time in. The water was surprisingly warm for the Northeast. Even the waves cooperated and we were both able to catch a few waves sans wetsuit.

As you can see, Sid has a better tan than I do.

Isn't Rowe looking good these days?

Long Island birds are friendly

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Down by the river

Ok, i am on a blogging mission tonight, found some adorable photos.Oh I forgot to say that SId has become quite serious these past few weeks. Must have alot on his mind with all the new things he can get to now he can crawl. Though he still just likes to hang around me, he sticks by me and follows me around where ever i go. my little mate.

our family

We had a visit from the Hyldahl's and Tarr's this past week which involved lots of rain, good food, trains, stories about semi trailers, looking at the cute babies, new clothes for Sid, matching life is good t-shirts, lots of love and a fun road trip to the white mountains. THANK YOU for coming.. we only took two photo's though.we need to get together again with our matching t-shirts please!!

crawling and mummy's boy

Rob had good post on his blog, i am stealing it because Sid is crawling around and loves to be on the computer when I am.. so no time to post and go through pictures....Just a few weeks ago he started liking me over anyone is quite cute, though hard sometimes. He is starting to really develop a personality and i’m finding more and more that it is a hybrid Bright/Hyldahl personality. I’ve broken it down here:

Stubborn - Bright

Night Owl - Bright

Bored Easily - Hyldahl

Loves to be outside/active - Hyldahl

Physically Strong - Bright

Quick to Laugh - Bright

Whines Frequently - Bright/Hyldahl

Sweet Tooth - Bright

Has Large Front Teeth - Hyldahl

Loves the Water - Bright

Loves to be massaged and tickled - Bright

Olive Skin (doesn’t burn) - Bright/Hyldahl

Very Cute - Bright

Drools when focused - Bright

Cannot multi-task - Hyldahl (that’s just more of a male thing)

Breathes loudly when focused - Bright

Loud Eater - Bright

Loves Bikes and Wheels- Hyldahl

Bumps his head a lot - Hyldahl

Loves to be cuddled - BRIGHT!!!!!!

Has chubby hands/feet - Bright

Cute in the morning - Bright

Delerious at night - Hyldahl

Cranky if woken up mid-nap - Hyldahl

Enjoys shopping - Bright

Likes Blondes - Hyldahl

Has a lot of gas - Hyldahl

Enjoys wearing as little clothing as possible - Bright

Likes to snack at night - Bright (pregnant)

Sweats a lot - Hyldahl

Short attention span - Hyldahl