Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sid's teeth

I still have lots more pics from our Bali/Australia trip but they will have to wait for another slideshow because i promised grandma that I would put a picture up of Sid's teeth tonight. he has two bottom ones, poked through about two weeks ago, a few days after his 6 month birthday. so sweet to seem them emerge. Sid did well through the whole thing!! hehhe. He is being good so far, no biting. No point to his teeth yet though because he does not like any type of food yet. we try to zoom stuff in on cool spoons, but he is not having it, he just clamps his mouth shut after a few mouthfuls - only likes the good stuff. Baby Sid is such a joy, i like calling him baby sid because he is growing up too fast. He is not crawling yet, but moves himself around a lot and doinks himself on the head a little bit. He still loves to cuddle and laughs as he is falling asleep or when he is super hungry and knows he is about to get a breastfeed. It is hilarious. He kicks his legs with excitement, usually to see mum or dad and he loves to be outside. We got him a big boy potty and he loves to go in that on cue. He hates getting his nose cleaned or nails clipped, so ends up being snotty with lots of scratches him he and mum - Oh and he sweats alot. Our little family is loving life right now. does not get any better than this.

Bali - take 2

In Bali

We went to australia to surprise my mum who had not seen Sid yet. Torah was the brains and bucks behind the trip, she managed, master minded and funded the whole thing. Sydney was not warm enough and torah needed a surf and some buddies, so she took Sid, mum and I to Bali. It was Hot. Sid was sweaty. He loves the water. I spent my first mother's day there. Mum and I shared out birthday there. Heaps of massages. Heaps of bonding. heaps of kisses and nappy free days for Sid. Rob and I got our bank account cleaned out by someone who stole my card from the Villa. Nice villa though. THANKS torah. what memories. the sofatel, the novatel, and "You seem like a clever guy danny"