Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Random cuteness

Lyon LOVEs to wear hats and helmets. He begs to
For you to put them on . "Ugh ugh ugh ugh." while he holds the hat out to you.

Syd loves gymnastics

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Syd is getting good
At building stuff

And riding at the skate park. On the balance bike today but killing it on his two wheeler

Hot air balloons

Ethan came to visit for his special 8 year old birthday trip with grandma and grandpa. Wish he lived here. Syd had the best weekend. Ethan is such a good kid an great with the little ones.


Balloon museum

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Hot springs

After a two hour drive/30mins wild , and a short hike.....

Well worth it. Friends come visit us- we will take you here.

Rob's shot

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Lyon the tiger and Syd the kangaroo

Lyon's first Halloween and syd's first that he really got into it. We all had the best time in out neighborhood. There were so many kids. Sorry syd that we stole most of your candy to restock out bowl or the numerous trickortreaters we were not expecting. He did not seem to notice.
Lyon squealed and kicked his feet with excitement everytime someone opened the door.
Syd put his candy in his Joey pouch and wanted to put Lyon in there too

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Post trick or treating

- syd has been wearing this outfit for about a week

This was a more mellow dance...glad we caught the end of it

YouTube Video

Syd was a fix It man for trunk or treating

And of course the ninja

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