Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lovin abq

Happy boy

Brother love

Hard leaving grandma in Utah

Syd's friend marisol

Love having a dryer

Rob is 34

Meme and pepe arrive

Santa fe

Botanic gardens



Bike mechanics



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Somefun videos


YouTube Video

Benny'sbday hyperactivity

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Trader joes abq

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Syd at 3

Syd seems very creative to me in his imaginative play. That all we do all day. He switches in and out of 5 or 6 characters. He ran up to me with a microscope set in costco the other day and screamed in an excited way " mum i can be a muscle studier scientist like my dad." how could i deny him that. Many times he is a fix it man or a car mechanic. He has this one shirt he calls His car mechanic Shirt and wants To wear it every day. I is 4 sizes too small for him. Bahah. Here he has rigged something up with Lyon's car.

He gets under neath and "works on it"

He goes around the house with his screwdrivers and unscrews hinges and kick flaps .....whatever. So funny .with his tooth fairy money he bought tools instead of toys ( though a princess dress nearly made the cut) he is constantly asking for tools and has a whole bunch of them now. He will get a table saw for his birthday.

Helping us move and pack up the Beds

- he wrote fix it

But he also likes to be tangled. Every day he tells me.. Look how long my hair is. Sometimes he is the knight in shining armor and Lyon is pascal and I am tangled

Sometimes he is survivor man. This is my fav. He hunts for eggs and snakes to eat. Awesome

Rappelling with dad behind our house in MA

YouTube Video

Construction worker

He sees back hoes and other machinery around the place and claims it as his. He still asks if I think his bull dozer at Umass is ok without him.

Of course, the fireman

YouTube Video

We ran into these guys at gateway

This was 2am in the hartford airport after one of those fun trips west. So glad those regular trips are at an end

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Random rappelling in the house. He Hooked himself up. I am amazed at what he comes up with. He is getting really good at building ingenious towing things with his lego

YouTube Video

Random on his way to preschool in MA. He loved it. Here in abq, he tells me. " mum we've really gotta find me a presshool"

He loves to play with older girls. This is his neighbor marisol in abq. So cute

Amazing to come out of my bedroom after putting the baby o sleep to see this. Does not happen much. Mostly he is coming in to bug me and wake the baby Just when I have got him down.

This is a bad bump from a sort of cue ball in the head.A post about the sportsman will be
Coming up.

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