Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Big Week

Rowe and I were slightly nervous at the prospect of traveling across the country with a 9 week old baby to watch Torah at the X-games. I suppose that Sid thought it might be funny to lead us on into thinking that it might be easy. He slept the whole way to Denver. The return trip, however, the joke was on us. We can’t be certain whether it was the sushi that we consumed (paid for by Roxy) the night before or if he just likes to see us sweat, but there are few things in life that are as consuming as trying to calm a screaming baby on a 3 hour flight. Luckily, most of the people sitting around us were or once were parents and they let us know that “we’ve all been there.” It made me feel a lot better and I think that the next time i’m on a plane with a frantic mother I will tell her that I think it is OK. Anyways, Torah was robbed of a gold medal (she got the silver)....judged sports are silly. All of my good friends and an exponentially growing number of children were in attendance dressed to support our hero (see photo).

On another note, Sid learned a new trick the other day. To both mine and Rowe’s amazement, he managed to flip himself over from his tummy to his back. The funny thing is that we were both so transfixed by the prospect of him accomplishing the task that both of us failed to stop him even though it became quite apparant that if he was to succeed, he would mash his head on the hardwood floor. He succeeded, smashed his head, cried for a little bit, then repeated the feat (we wisely put a pad on the floor this time). I always used to think it was silly when I saw parents get so giddy about little things that their children were learning. I guess i’m one of them now. It was pretty cool. It’s going to be crazy when he manages something more complicated than rolling over.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

yes - sid is pooping on the toilet

So I can sometimes tell when Sid is about to poop - I decided to try having him sit between my legs and see if he would poop in the toilet. Rob happened to come home and walk in on us in the bathroom. I don't think I have seen rob laugh this hard in a very long time. He ran and got the camera to memorialize the occasion.

hanging out in bed

hanging out in onesies

8 weeks old today.

Sid now weighs 15pounds!! he is 25 inches long - he is above the 95th percentile for his height and weight... I am having so much fun with him. he smiling and gooing at me sometimes. he can lift his head so high in tummy time. he loves the bath, being bounced on the swiss ball and being held! i loved it when I am trying to put him to sleep when he is tired and he starts burying his head like crazy into the crook of my arm. it is hilarious. I love it when he sneezes.