Friday, June 19, 2009


You should try googling your mum some time.. torah did.... and this is what she found.
I got so much joy from seeing this!! Marion used to sell vitalizers and this is she and I when I was 2 years old at a fair showing the kids how to play a jumping game.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

May 09

I have been waiting for torah to send me some pics for a post because I accidently took most of our pics on her camera. Benny got us matching camera's.. but she is busy. so these will have to do. My mum, dad and Abi came out to torah's place. We had  so much fun with our family. more to come later. Abi cut a fringe and colored my hair..she is seriously the best hair stylist I have been to. Sid loves the tramp, piano and bikes and guitars. He is starting to try and repeat everything  we ask him too now, though sometimes not the best pronunciation. He likes to pray. he folds his arms about 20 times a day and begs us to pray.
He likes to draw pictures for grandma with textas and chalk drawings for dad. He always wants to put essential oils on his grazes because that is what meme did. He is consantly yelling out peoples names as he sees things that they use  or that they gave to him. Mostly mama, dada, grandma, meme , vava (abi), teetee( torah)